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Numerous research has shown that employee productivity is directly related to how satisfied they are with their jobs. For the longest time, the determinants behind career selection used to be marks, money, safety, security, even gender roles, but not one’s own Strengths, interests, Passion, and Happiness in following a particular career occupation. And this is the story of most of the adults in India who are already in their early career or mid-career.

However, now we have the opportunity to prevent the same story from unfolding all over again by suitable and timely intervention through Career Guidance. We have the chance to enable and encourage our Gen Z in choosing a career that is right for them through a scientific process of Psychometric Assessment.

Those who are in early career and mid-career, also can take the necessary Career Guidance from us and re-direct their careers in the direction of their Strengths, Interests, Passion, and Happiness.

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